Dave DeSteno

David DeSteno

Professor of Psychology
Northeastern University


How emotions can optimize our actions in favor of the greater good or, by virtue of bugs in the system, lead to suboptimal or biased outcomes.

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How to Defeat the Impulse Buy

Certain emotions can temporarily enhance self-control by decreasing desires for immediate gratification. While feeling happy doesn’t do much to increase patience, feeling grateful does.
— The New York Times

A Feeling of Control: How America Can Finally Learn to Deal With Its Impulses

The ability to delay gratification has been held up as the one character trait to rule them all—the key to academic success, financial security, and social well-being. But willpower isn’t the answer. The new, emotional science of self-regulation.
—Pacific Standard



Department of Psychology
125 Nightingale Hall
Northeastern University
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Boston, MA 02115

Email: d.desteno@neu.edu