Elaine Ecklund

Elaine Howard Ecklund

Herbert S. Autrey Chair Professor of Sociology
Director of The Religion and Public Life Program
Director of The Boniuk Institute
Rice University


How scientists in different regions and countries understand religion, ethics, and gender; how different U.S. religious groups understand science; and how women and men at elite research universities negotiate careers as academic scientists alongside family life.


Religion Among UK Biologists

When sociologist Elaine Howard Ecklund and her collaborators surveyed the population of British biologists, they found that gender, age, rank and institution seem to have no effect on whether a person is likely to feel a sense of religious belonging.
— Science and Belief Blog

Study: Male Scientists Want to Be Involved Dads, But Few Are

It’s not just women who are being squeezed out of academic science, the study concludes. It’s also men who want to be more active at home.
— The Washington Post