Everett Worthington

Everett Worthington

Professor of Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University


forgiveness—and the relationship between forgiveness and other virtues, such as justice, humility, mercy, and self-control. 

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Cold Case: Son Ready to Forgive Mother's Killer

Everett Worthington had just turned in his first book on forgiveness when his 76-year-old mother was murdered. He said it was months before he could talk about what happened with anyone other than his wife. Since then, he has written many books, several on forgiveness. As a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, he said he hopes to use his personal tragic experiences to help others.

Forgiveness: It's a Great Feeling

Chronic stress and anger can have negative effects on our overall health. “The choice not to forgive someone is a form of stress," says Everett Worthington. "If we maintain this for a long time, we may experience cardiovascular disorders, stress-related disorders, and maybe anger and fear-related disorders, as well.”
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