Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis

Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of California, San Diego


The formation and evolution of social networks, the principles of human interaction that produce global network patterns, and the implications of these processes for the genesis and reproduction of inequality.

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Online Causes May Attract More Clicks Than Commitments

Kevin Lewis and his collaborators analyzed records of donations and recruits at the Save Darfur Cause. Their findings provide the first long-term look at the donation habits among members of a massive online social movement.
— Science News

From Football Fans to Communist Regimes, It Doesn't Take Much to Form a Group

Whether it’s a collection of fans rooting for their favorite team in the Super Bowl or millions of people who have coalesced into a single country, our civilization has largely been defined by people drawing a line between “us” and “them.” A new computer modeling study suggests that it doesn’t take much to form these assemblages. Indeed, they can emerge via just two simple rules.
— Science


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