Piercarlo Valdesolo

Piercarlo Valdesolo 

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Claremont McKenna College


How our emotional states—such as compassion, awe, and gratitude—affect our decisions and behaviors with regard to trust, cooperation, blame, and punishment.


A Feeling of Control: How America Can Finally Learn to Deal With Its Impulses

The ability to delay gratification has been held up as the one character trait to rule them all—the key to academic success, financial security, and social well-being. But willpower isn’t the answer. The new, emotional science of self-regulation.
— Pacific Standard

The Simplest Way to Build Trust

A powerful way to establish trust is to employ one of the mind’s most basic mechanisms for determining loyalty: the perception of similarity. If you can make someone feel a link with you, his empathy for and willingness to cooperate with you will increase.
— Harvard Business Review



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