Anthony Aguirre

Professor of Physics
Dartmouth College

What He Studies

Particle cosmology—mixing the physics of the very smallest constituents of the universe with the physics of the universe as a whole—and the emergence of complex structures in nature, focusing on very fundamental questions related to what he calls the “three origins”: cosmos, life, and mind.

In The News

What Does Our Understanding of Time Suggest About the Nature of Reality?

Our understanding of time is a particularly vivid demonstration of how we can usefully describe the same World in multiple ways that are rather starkly different in character and in import for such questions as free will and agency, universe or multiverse, epistemology, and others.
— Big Questions Online


Good News, Bad News: The Universe Next Door

Infinity makes sense mathematically and may even be realized in Nature; but we will never know for sure. However, we can do the next best thing, and see if at least neighboring universes exist.
— 13.7: Cosmos and Culture, NPR



University of California, Santa Cruz
Department of Physics
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