Barbara King

Chancellor Professor of Anthropology
College of William & Mary

What She Studies

Human evolution and primate behavior, with a recent focus on animal emotion and cognition more widely, and the human-animal relationship

in the news

Learning From Animal Friendships

Among other things, researchers say, the alliances could add to an understanding of how species communicate, what propels certain animals to connect across species lines and the degree to which some animals can adopt the behaviors of other species.
— The New York Times


Questions For Barbara J. King, Author Of 'How Animals Grieve'

Barbara J. King is a professor of anthropology and a commentator on NPR's science blog, 13.7. And her book, How Animals Grieve, makes a powerful case for the presence of love, affection and grief in animals—from a house cat mourning her lost sister to elephants who pay respects to the bones of their matriarchs.


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