Joshua Greene

Professor of Psychology
Harvard University

What He Studies

Moral judgment and decision-making, primarily using behavioral experiments and functional neuroimaging (fMRI).

in the news

Blame Your Brain: The Fault Lies Somewhere Within

At the journal Psychological Science, psychologists Azim Shariff, Joshua Greene, and six of their colleagues bring heady issues down to earth by considering whether learning about neuroscience can influence judgments in a real-world situation: deciding how someone who commits a crime should be punished.
— 13.7: Cosmos and Culture, NPR


Scans suggest how the mind solves ethical dilemmas

Cognitive neuroscientists Amitai Shenhav of Princeton University and Joshua Greene of Harvard University asked 35 people to weigh in on 48 wrenching scenarios while undergoing functional MRI brain scans.
— Science News



Harvard University
Department of Psychology
Office: William James Hall 1470
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Phone: 617-495-3898