Julia Clarke

Associate Professor and John A. Wilson Centennial Fellow in Vertebrate Paleontology
Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin

What She Studies

Birds and other theropod dinosaurs to better understand major transitions in the history of life, such as how structures in living animals developed and how novel ways of moving—such as avian flight and wing-propelled diving—evolved.

in the news

Birds Of A Feather Aren't Necessarily Related

One of a series of studies published in Science is the latest step toward understanding the origins of the roughly 10,000 bird species that populate our planet.
— Shots, NPR


Your Inner Feather

A new study in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution offers an even deeper look into the history of feathers. Instead of looking at fossils, the scientists look at the genetic recipe for feathers written in the DNA of birds.
— Phenomena: The Loom, National Geographic


The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Geological Sciences
Office: JGB 3.216D
2275 Speedway Stop C9000
Austin, TX 78712–1722

Mailcode: C1100

Email: julia_clarke@jsg.utexas.edu