Michael McCullough

Professor of Psychology
Director of the Evolution and Human Behavior Laboratory
University of Miami

What He Studies

Human behavior, with a focus on the psychological mechanisms related to social exchanges of costs and benefits (such as forgiveness, revenge, and gratitude), as well as religion and self-control.

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Science Says Couples With One Habit Stay Together Longer

A decade of social science research suggests that partners who show they care about the little things activate a two-way feedback system that helps both members of a relationship feel closer and more fulfilled. Two psychologists, University of California, Davis’ Robert Emmons and University of Miami's Michael McCullough spearheaded most of the early research on gratitude's effects.
— Business Insider


Why Apologizing the Right Way Matters

The most sincere, forgiveness-inducing apologies include saying “I’m sorry,” offering to compensate in some way for the wrongdoing, and taking responsibility. And the reason they work so well is largely based on principles of evolution: the apologies make the transgressor seem more valuable as a relationship partner, and also help the victim feel less at risk of getting hurt again.
— Yahoo! Health


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